Glitch Series is about the communication and collaboration that occurs throughout the creative process between the artist and the tools they use to make art. It is also about translation, from one image form/medium to another. In this instance it is the interpretation of a digital image, that which is far removed from the artist’s hand, into the much more physical medium of cross-stitch, which involves bodily labour and patience. Digital technologies have created the tendency to produce work at an extremely fast pace. I myself am often guilty of falling into this repetitive trap of instant gratification. I am interested in creating a balance between the fast-paced qualities of digital imagery and the time-consuming process of cross-stitching, embroidery, and needlework.

Each Glitch Series consists of nine digital prints and cross-stitch works based off of digital image glitches that occurred in Photoshop while I was working on a completely separate project one day. I was opening up a JPEG image from my hard drive, however when it loaded, it did not appear the way that it was supposed to. Rather it had become a collaged mash up of several files, which I had opened within the past week or so. Instead of dismissing this unexpected moment as a computer failure, I accepted it as a gift. It was as if the computer had gotten frustrated with the overwhelming amount of information and data I had given it within a short span of time and this was its way of materializing that frustration. The computer had spoken and I wanted to savour every last moment of it that I could. 

Glitch Series 01

Glitch Series 03

Glitch Series 04